Privacy Policy

Astrodipty is committed to protecting your privacy by taking appropriate measures. Our methods for collecting, using, and processing data are governed by this privacy statement, which is relevant to our Website (the "Website"). By using our Website, you agree to the data practices outlined in this Privacy Policy. You shouldn't use our Website if you disagree with the data practices outlined in this privacy statement.

Gathering and Use of Your Personal Data

When you voluntarily submit information to us through our Website, application forms, surveys, first consultations, meetings, or other contacts, we may compile and retain that information (referred to as "Personal Information").

  1. Your first and last names,
  2. email addresses,
  3. phone number,
  4. gender,
  5. date of birth(which includes day,month,year and time of birth),
  6. place of birth,
  7. city of residence,
  8. phone number,
  9. occupation and industry,
  10. education,
  11. height,
  12. weight,
  13. interests,
  14. past romantic relationships,
  15. and religious convictions could be included.

We use this data to get to know you, comprehend your relationship objectives and standards, ascertain whether you are eligible for a membership package, find matches, vet potential customers, and personalize your matches.

We also use the data particularly your details of birth to generate your astrological birth chart used to compute your possible match suggestions as well as information about your astrology, personality and lifestyle which we may display to your possible matches.

Additionally, we could use your data to send you the material you'll find interesting, like our newsletter, a competition, or a promotion.

Please send us an email or write to us at the address provided below if you do not want to receive marketing materials or adverts.

By submitting an application to Astropidity, you agree that we may transmit your entire or partial profile to a potential match and communicate with that match regarding a possible matching without firstly getting your permission. These details will be communicated to a few matches so they can assess your interest in them. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE MATCHMAKING TEAM AND POTENTIAL MATCHES TO RECEIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Details Regarding Payments

We keep records of transactions with us, such as when you sign up for a membership program. Your payment details are included here, such as your credit or debit card number, card type, expiration date, billing, shipping information, and other relevant data. When you submit an application or decide to join a membership program or for other commercial purposes, we may utilize financial information to handle the payment for any purchases made on our Website (


We reserve the right to keep any correspondence with you, including with the information included therein, whether you contact us by phone, email, fax, mail, our Website(, or by any other means. To answer your questions, let us know about opportunities using Astropidity for marketing purposes. Please email or write to us at the address provided below if you do not want to be notified about opportunities related to Astropidity or if you wish to restrict how we use the information you supply to us in any other way.

Other Sources of Information

We might keep data on you from sources like suppliers, partners in business, service providers, and other third parties. For instance, occasionally, a third party with whom we jointly provide services will give us details on your interactions or experiences with them. You may receive information using this information that you find interesting. Please email or write to us at the address provided below if you do not want to receive these messages.

We might also get data about you from outside social media sites like Facebook. By using a third-party website to access or utilize our Website, you permit us to do so in line with the third-party Website's privacy policy. Your third-party social network profile or account and any cookies the platform has set on your device may contain this information.

In order to facilitate social media features, our Website interfaces with social media platforms like Facebook and may use social media plugins (like the Facebook "Like" button).

The administrator of a social media plugin may install cookies or other tracking technology on your computer when you visit our Website, allowing that social media operator to identify visitors to our Website. While using one of our websites, if you are connected to a social media site, the social media plugins may enable that site to learn about your visit—including the pages you visited—and link it to personally identifiable information about you. The social media plugins also give the social media website the ability to inform other users of their social media website about your actions on our websites. For instance, Facebook social media plugins enable Facebook to display to your Facebook friends any Likes and comments you have made on our Websites. We advise you to carefully and deliberately read the privacy policies of each social media website you use because your use of social media plugins is subject to those policies. The data that social media websites or plugins gather keep, or use is beyond our control. Make sure you are familiar with the social media website's privacy policies and how they may collect information about your access to and use of our Website before connecting from a social media website or using a social media plugin on our Websites.

URL and I.P. Address

When our Website visitors submit a form, we record their I.P. addresses. We may use your I.P. address to operate our Website, evaluate trends, adapt our Website's content to meet your demands, track visitor behavior, and enhance website effectiveness. We may also use your I.P. address to strengthen server security and aid in server troubleshooting.


To make it easier for you to visit our Website and to tailor your online experience, we suggest assigning your device one or more cookies. A cookie is a short text file kept as a record on a user's computer. Session cookies and persistent cookies are both types of cookies. A session cookie facilitates your use of our Website and expires when your browser is closed. A persistent cookie stays on your computer's hard disc for a long time. Other parties or we may distribute these cookies. We (or third parties) may use cookies during your visits to other Websites where we advertise, such as Facebook, to gather information about users who view or engage with our adverts or our Website. For instance, after you click on a link from Facebook to our Website, they or we may gather details about the websites where you or other people using your device viewed and clicked on the advertisements we deliver (such as click stream data, browser type, time and date, the subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over, etc.), and link this data to your subsequent visits to our Website, applications you submit through our Website or other data we have collected. We might employ this data to pursue the following objectives:

  • To gather information and analyze your usage of or interest in our content, services, or goods;
  • ad monitoring and website analytics; a better understanding and analysis of user growth;
  • general demographic data about website users;
  • And a better understanding of which markets produce matches with our prospects.

You can control the collecting of information on our Website used for targeted Astropidity advertising during your visits to other websites, even if you cannot use ordinarily opt out of receiving online adverts.

To opt out of Astropidity data gathering for individualized advertising on other websites, please send am email to with the subject “OPT OUT”, stating the services you wish to opt out from.

Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can typically change your browser's settings to reject cookies. Please be aware that you may not be able to utilize this Website's full functionality if you reject cookies.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. ("Google") that is used on our Website. Google employs cookies to assist in our analysis of website visitor behavior. Typically, a Google server in the U.S. receives and stores the data created by the cookie about how you use the Website. However, before truncating or anonymizing the final eight bits of your I.P. address within Member States of the European Union or other Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, Google will do so if I.P. anonymization is on. The complete I.P. address will only ever be sent to a Google server in the U.S. in rare circumstances and truncated there. Google will use this information on behalf of the Website's operator to analyze how you use the site, provide reports on its usage, and perform other activities connected to the Website and Internet use for the operator. Your I.P. address won't be linked to any other information that Google stores. By accessing Google's Ads settings, you can control and disable the usage of cookies by Google, but if you do so, you might not be able to utilize the Website's features fully.

Do Not Track

We respect Do Not Monitor (DNT) browser mechanisms and do not track, place cookies, or use advertising while they are active.

Sharing Private Data with Outside Parties

As indicated above and per the conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy, we may release all the data we collect. Except when you

  1. Specifically request or permit it, we do not disclose personally identifiable information about you to third parties for their independent use;
  2. We think that the data is required to:
    • Comply with the law (for instance, to fulfill a search warrant, subpoena, or court order).
    • React to a government request.
    • Uphold the terms of our agreement with you.
    • Defend the rights, property, or safety of us, our employees, or third parties.
  3. Our representatives, third parties, and service providers who work on our behalf receive the information.
  4. To deal with crises or acts of God.
  5. In anticipation of and during a sale, reorganization, consolidation, merger, or amalgamation of all or a portion of our business or operations, whether actual or hypothetical.
  6. Disputes, claims, or those with a legal or beneficial interest are addressed.

Security Measures for Information Protection

We pledge to make commercially reasonable attempts to protect the data you choose to give us. We employ several security technologies and protocols to assist in thwarting unauthorized access to, or the alteration, disclosure, or wiping out of, data.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt all of the credit information you provide. We only allow specific persons and organizations who require access to Personal Information to operate, develop, or enhance our services. We are dedicated to enforcing our workers' privacy obligations with the proper disciplinary actions.


Children under 13 are not meant to use or be the focus of the Website, and we do not knowingly or purposefully collect information about them.

We may link to third-party websites that solicit registration information from users under the age of 13 or that otherwise cater to this demographic. In these situations, the third parties ensure that their websites abide by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Using a Foreign Browser to Access Our Website

Please be aware that if you access our Website from outside Canadian, your information may be sent to, stored, and processed there because that is where our servers are, and our central database is run.

Please be advised that Canada laws regarding data privacy and other matters may not be as thorough as those in your country. However, be assured that we take precautions to secure your privacy. By using our Website, you consent to the transmission of your information to our facilities and third parties, and we share it in the ways outlined in this privacy statement.

Inapplicability of Any Linked Websites' or Other Third Parties Privacy Policies

This privacy statement covers only our use and sharing of your personal information. Please be aware that we are not accountable for the privacy policies employed by websites linked to or from this one.

Opting Out

You can opt-out of receiving our marketing messages by clicking the "unsubscribe"link at the bottom of our emails or sending us an email at the address

Data Storage

We keep personal data as long as we believe it can benefit our business in the future. We also keep the data as long as the law requires us to.

How to Change Your Information and Access It?

By contacting us using the details below, you can request that we update, correct, or delete your Personal Information from our database. We'll explain why access has been denied if it's for any reason refused.

Conditions For Use

You accept the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy and any other agreement we may have with you by using this Website. You shouldn't use this Website or any services if you disagree with these terms and conditions.

Binding Arbitration as One Form of Dispute Resolution

Astropidity offers personalized and individualized services. You consent that any dispute relating to the use of this Website will be governed by Californian law to preserve the private nature of these services.

Additionally, you agree to 1) Follow any damage limitations outlined in any contracts we may have with you; 2) Handle all issues outside those covered by the Canadian Arbitration Association. 3) Resolve disputes through litigation involving alleged infringements of intellectual property rights or breaches of confidentiality where the harmed party may suffer irreparable harm and may seek a restraining order, preliminary injunctive relief, an injunction, specific performance, or other equitable relief and legal remedies, as well as actions to enforce arbitrators' rulings, which may be brought in any California court with jurisdiction to do so. No Promise

It is impossible to guarantee that data transfer over the Internet is completely safe. Astropidity cannot guarantee or certify the security of any information you communicate to us, or to or from our online goods or services, despite our best efforts. Please email us or write to us at the address provided below if you have any queries regarding this privacy statement.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change as Astropidity, its offerings, and its services evolve over time. Anytime, for any reason, we reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy and may do so by publishing a new version one. Your continuing access to and use of the Website implies that Personal Information to us will be subject to the terms of the then-current Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or how we handle the information you give us.